Army Redeploys 597 Officers, 52 Generals – Secretly.

The Nigerian Army, amended and redeployed, posting of 45 Brigadier Generals, 597 other officers and seven Major Generals.

Amid the seven Major General involved, the Nigerian Army cancelled the redeployment of Adeniyi Oyebade, two months after he was transferred from being General Officer Commanding of Nigerian Army 1 Division Kaduna, to Army Headquarters in Abuja as Chief of logistics.

Well, Mr Oyebade, who was indicted last year in the December 2015 massacre of Shiites in Zaria.

The shake up was announced in a memo with reference number MS/GI/300/207 and signed by I.O Rabiu, a Major -General and Military Secretary, according to Premium Times.

About 100 Nigerian Army formation units and departments with in and outside the country were copied in the memo.

A breakdown of the remaining 597 affected officers showed that they included 197 Colonels, 50 Lieutenants and two second Lieutenants.

Thirty eight of the total 649 officers had their posting cancelled or deleted, including two major generals, one brigadier general, seven colonels, five lieutenant colonels, 10 majors, eight captains and five lieutenants

While eight of the officers had their postings deleted the redeployment of 30 others were amended by the Army.

According to the memo, ” it is the responsibility of all formation / unit commanders who officers are affected by this posting to implement accordingly.

” Officers must take over on the effective dates indicated. Formation/unit commanders will be held responsible for lapses in the implementation of the directive contained there in. “


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