What Would Have Become Of Me, If I Died Yesterday-Charlyboy Reacting To Wuse Market Attack

Activist Cum Social Engineer, Charlyboy, otherwise known as the “the area father” has reacted to Tuesday attack launched against his crew at Wuse market Abuja.

The Showbiz empresario who along side #Returnor Resign group have been protesting the continous stay of President Muhammadu Buhari in the UK, was yesterday attacked at the Wuse Market, Abuja where one of his aides was terribly injured and his BMW car vandalized.

Reacting to the incident, the Areafada, said he does not care if he dies today fighting for the course of the nation, Charlyboy who was practicularly touched, lamented the deteriorating Nigeria system, saying “I cry for Nigeria, I cry for the future of the young generation, I cry for our youths.

“I have done my own and I will continue to do my own. If I died yesterday at Wuse market, I would have gone to the creator fulfilled, “he told DAILY POST.

Narrating what transpired at the market, Charlyboy denied going to the market to protest, saying he only went there to pick up some items after they had concluded their Tuesday protest at the Unity Fountain.

“Like I said, I did not go to the market to protest, I went with a few of my guys to pick up an item and in the process, the same people who have been attacking us stormed the market in a bus, mobilized some thugs, particularly the almajiris to attack us.”

Narrating further, he said, he would have been killed if not for the defence put up by one of his aides, who stopped one of the thugs from stabbing me with a dagger.

“I did not really care, I was just walking away and suddenly a man attacked me from behind with a dagger, in the process one of the guys came to my defence. When I was been taken away they insisted on burning him alive. They had mobilized and gathered some tyres to set him ablaze before he took off from the scene, but before then, he had been brutalized.”

“Even when he tried to run into a moving taxi, he was dragged out. He, however held on, you really need to see his legs, he is currently in one of the hospitals.”

Speaking on the incident being a ploy by Nigerian Government to frustrate the o

ngoing protest, CB said “they can stop us from protesting on the street, they can attack us, but they wouldn’t stop us from talking. As far as I am concerned, our protest will continue until Buhari returns or resigns.”

He told, reporters that even though his car had been damaged by the pro-Buhari protesters, it was worth the sacrifice for the survival of one’s nation.


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