Former Governor Oshiomhole Was Booed In Abuja Conference

Adams Oshiomhome

The ex-governor of Edo-State, Adams Oshiomhole, also a former leader of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), was speaking at a seminar held at Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja, organised by Nigeria Labour Congress, on Wednesday, was shamed at the event.

The event which was organised to discuss cause for restructuring of the country, had in attendance eminent Nigerians including the Sultan of Sokoto.

The ex-governor, made a statement, which spark fire at the seminar, when he said that those agitating for restructuring were those who lost out in the 2015 election.

Oshiomhole stated, “The debates on restructuring in Nigeria today, however, should bear in mind that all federal systems are dynamic and evolving in response to changes in elite perception of power and demand over available resources.

“The trend in most ferderal systems is toward a stronger central government that guarantees minimum standards for the constituent part and capable of making interventions that promote the welfare of citizens.

“That is the tradition od organised labour. And, of course, if there are some people who have other issues; I just want to plead with you that what is at stake; is not me. What is at stake is our country. And the country is yours. The country is mine. The country is ours.

“I believe in the unity of Nigeria, I have said, and I am not saying it for the first time, the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. But, the governance of our country, the quality of leadership, we must continue to review it and continue to engage it.”

As he was about to round up his speech, all those who attended the Event started shouting, asking he to drop the microphone and get out.

Samuel Egwu, a lead speaker at the seminar, narrated that the restructuring agenda, was not made very clear by leading voices. He said the campaigner were either genuinely confused or outrightly mischievious.


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