Interesting: Four Policemen Landed Themselfs Into Trouble


Cha…The Lagos State Police Command, has arrested and detained, four police officers, for collecting money from individual by force.

According to report, the accused policemen are: Matthew Olaadujoye and Oba Roland, other names “not mentioned yet”, the victim in this case was driving along the Ogudu Road in Lagos State, he was stopped by the police and they requested for his mobile phone.

He said, “I refused to hand it over because I felt it was an infringement of my privacy, but it was forcefully taken and my messages were viewed along with my account details. I was extorted for N100,000.

The matter went viral, the alleged policemen involved, had been taken in custody after the statement of extortion.

Report released on Wednesday, “The Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, ACP, Abayomi Shogunle, said the poster was contacted.

Abayomi also said, ” The policemen involved, two Inspectors and two Sergeants, attached to the Ogudu division have been identified and removed from any duty that involves any form of contact with members of the public, pending the conclusion of a detailed investigation

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, said that the case be investigated urgently, for prompt action.

“Bank statement of account confirms that the complainant , following the orders of one of the policemen, transferred the sum of N15,000 into the account of a third party. “


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