MASSOB: Accused Dambazzau For Defending Arewa Youths

The Minister of Interior

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), had accused the minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazzau, of deliberate attempts to subvert the truth in order to shield Arewa youths from arrest and prosecution over the quit notice they slammed on Igbos residing in the Northern part of Nigeria.

MASSOB, further said the explaination given by the minister that Arewa youths were quoted out of context holds no water considering the fact that the quit notice was recorded on video and published for objective review and criticism.

Speaking the leader, Uchenna Madu, the Pro-Biafra agitators maintained that the message communicated by Arewa youths in the video was clear and direct hate speech which no amount of lies and subversion can excuse.

“Even the Interior Minister, Abdulrahman Dambazzau, a Fulani Jingoistic element defended his Hausa Fulani youths of Arewa that threatened the people of Biafra with an ultimatum of quit notice to vacate Arewa land before Oct. 1st, 2017 that the coalition of the Arewa youths were misquoted by the media,” he stated.

“These wretched ill-informed cowardice Fulanis that depended on the middle-Beltans for war against Biafrans issued the quit notice was on video and very clear.

Now, the biased Fulani Minister of Interior under the Fulani Buhari led federal government is trying to subject and subvert the naked truth of the threat by his fulani brothers that they were quoted out of context though they have tactically withdrawn it.

“These parasitic fulanis are greatest liars in the world. They are denying a statement they made on video. They are traditionally and culturally habitual liars.

“They lie without qualms, as if we all are blind. The rest of ethnic nationalities in Nigeria are now wiser and mature in regional progressive thought,” he added.

MASSOB warned that any attempts or plan to re-arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be thoroughly and massively resisted.

“We can never tolerate it. It is an insult and embarrassment to our inalienable rights,” the statement stated.

The group insisted that Kanu’s activities “towards Biafra actualization and restoration have never breached, truncated or confronted the fragile and inconsistent constitution of zoo federation called Nigeria”.

“The Biafra security service of IPOB is made-up of non-violent and armless members with no plan or intention of engaging in arms struggle.

“We, the people of Biafra have never opposed or condemned the Arewa shari’a police called Hisbah. Why should they get jittery of Biafra security consciousness?,” the group queried. It concluded by saying.

“Now that we know that our consistency and exposure of the hidden truths is dangerously frustrating, disorganising and killing the age long Hausa Fulani Islamic agendas against the people of Biafra, we shall never relent or surrender.

“MASSOB warns fulanis to know that their delusion and tablets of decelt of divide and rule syndromes against the people of middle Belt and Eastern Region has expired. “


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