Hector…Guider Ultimate Search Winner, Season 3 Killed By Gunmen

The season 3 winner of Guider Ultimate Search, Hector Jobartheth, from information gathered, Hector, was followed by gunmen, on his way to pick-up his brother from the airport in Lagos State.

Some celebrities has reacted to the news, including Baskelly, he shared the news on social media.

Hector is a father of one and the winner of Guider Ultimate Search Season 3, as reported he was trailed to his house in Lagos and killed by assaitants.

“Goodbye Hector – Jobarteth the winner of Guider Ultimate Search Season 3 Winner, may your soul rest in peace and may the good God give your family fortitude to bear the loss. He was shot to death by two unknown men in my street this morning.


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