Interesting…Buhari Surrounded By ‘corrupt animals’ – Olapade Agoro Explodes

Dr. Olapade Agoro, founder and National Chairman of National Action Council (NAC) has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot perform effectively.

He condemned the choice of some ministers, adding that the president was surrounded by “corrupt animals”.

“Buhari cannot offer anything in Nigeria because you cannot be saint when you are surrounded by corrupt animals. Show me any individual working with Buhari presently that wears white cloth? That is the problem the man has”, he told Daily Independent.

“He means well for the country because he has made a name with his anti-corruption crusade. If not for Buhari, we wouldn’t have known that the country only exists on paper, but not in reality. Some people have stolen Nigeria away.

“Buhari couldn’t have made impact because how would you give three ministerial appointments to one person? How can he perform? Fashola has been running up and down and has not been able to make a mark. We have a finance minister that does not know what she is talking about.

“She would say we are in recessionm Just a minute later, she would tell us we are out of recession. She does not know exactly what she is saying. Where are the signals that we are out of recession? I wouldn’t say we are out of recession, but into retrogression.

“If we say we are out of recession, we are deceiving ourselves. They should show us the evidence. Right now, the airlines are not working. You hear of one airline today, tomorrow, it goes off. Arik was the pride of the nation, suddenly, Arik collapsed.

The banks are limping, the naira has remained unstable, the masses are improvised, and the people are suffering. Buhari is good and I like the character of the wife, but that is all,” he noted.


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