Publish Names Of ‘Real Thieves’ Sagay Tells Maina

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, [PACAC], Prof. Itse Sagay “SAN” had challenged former pension boss Abdulrasheed Maina, to publish names of beneficiaries of looted pensions funds

Sagay disclosed this in a reaction to video wherein Maina reveiled he had not fled the country and that he had documents that would expose the real thieves.

Sagay in his reaction, said Maina should first of all give himself up and then publish the said list of beneficiaries. The first thing is that he should give himself up.

“All those who were involved in reabsorbing him should be punished because, as far as I am concerned, they were trying to cover up for him and trying to deceive the country and then wreck the image, which this government has built up as total intolerance of corruption.

“Now, as far as what happened, seriously he should be arrested, tried, then if he has a list of beneficiaries, he should publish them.

“We are all anxious to know so that everybody can be gathered together and subjected to the same criminal process.”


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