Wonderful: Corps Members Receive Multiple Allowance For October

Some Corps members across the country have received multiple allowance due to technical failure in the payment system of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC.

The corps members, after experiencing delay for October payment, surprisingly received multiple monthly ‘allowee’, while others are yet to receive theirs.

Some of those who passed our last Thursday, November 2, got as much as N164,000 instead of the usual N41,000, while others who are still serving received as much as N79,200 instead of N19,800.

According to a source from NYSC office, others are yet to receive the normal N19,000. “The National reports.

“I usually get my allowance through a new generation bank. We were told to expect payment of our allowances before our POP (passing out parade) but we did not get it.

“But on Monday evening I received a credit alert from my bank for payment. It was for N41,000.

“As I was rejoicing over the payment, another one came in.” a source who asked not to be named told our reporter.

The source said he later got two more alerts which swelled his account by N164,000.

Meanwhile, the same former corp member’s friend, who served in Owo, Ondo State, was yet to receive hers, 48 hours later.

Although the NYSC is yet to make a statement on the development, a letter allegedly sent to an official of one of the affected banks on Tuesday night appealed to beneficiaries of the ‘largesse’ to return the excess payment.

The letter read: “As you may have noticed Due to a little hitch and technical error of our automated FTDS (fund transfer and dispensing system), some Corper were paid twice and others even up to ×4 of usual 19,800 monthly allowee. While others haven’t received.

“Please NYSC is a scheme that test not just your academic qualification but also a test of your character, so we want to use this medium to appeal to those that were paid allowee twice or thrice to please return the excess so we can pay those that didn’t receive, pls let’s be our brothers keepers.”


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