Nigerians call for scrapping of SARS with #End SARS campaign

Some Nigerians have called for the scrapping of Special Anti robber squad famously known as SARS.

This followed series of complaints shared online by Nigerian youth on alleged harassment, assault by the SARS operatives.

According to observers, SARS operatives were fond of harassing youths with exotic cars, phones on highways, especially Lagos State.

Using the hashtag #EndSARS, some Nigerians have been calling on the federal government to scrap the police unit.

A petition on scrapping SARS has already been addressed to the national assembly.

Published by ‘Segun Awosanya, the petition has been signed by 10,195 people at the time of this report.

Here are some experiences shared and comment on EndSARS campaign:

@Maddie “SARS is a nuisance to the society, daylight robbers in officail uniforms harassing struggling youths. This nosense has to stop #EndSARS.

@UncleAjala “SARS: Special anti robbery squad are now doing the robbery in Nigeria. SARS that were created to stop robbery are now robbing people,”

@Isimaodeh “Nigerian youths are scared to walk on the streets of their own country because they could be arrested or worse killed for having beards, cars, wearing nice clothes using iphones by those who are meant to protest them, benoygh is enough #EndSARS

@Kingtyra “If by Monday nothing has been said or done, 10,000 women are going to march bare chested all the way to the biggest SARS station in Lagos to tell them to stop harassing and killing men.

@Ycee “Not one good person has come out to speak good of SARS yet some people are talking about reform #EndSARS

@simi “People are not supposed to be afraid of the people that are supposed to be looking after us. A couple weeks ago at almost midnight my friends and i had a gun pointed at us for laughing. #EndSARS

@segalink “The fact that SARS use POS to rob shows how constitutionalized this nationwide tracket is and how highly rooted it is they can not pretend now #EndSARS

@deji “the SARS officers here in Abuja are actually criminals legally carrying guns #End SARS

@olofofo “I’ve also been harassed by a heed of SARS ain Ibadan he certainly used his powers on me i’ve experienced both the good and ugly. #EndSARS

@demilade “According to SARS Iphone-Gun, Latop – Bomb #EndSARS


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