Joshua Iginla hits Buhari with fresh prophecy, asks President not to contest in 2019

Joshua Iginla, founder of Champions Royal Assembly, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against contesting the 2019 presidential election.

The cleric said he saw the president surrounded by so many Judases, who will dump him when the clips are down.

The cleric, who acknowledged that Buhari has gallantly fought corruption in Nigeria, said those he described as Judases would thwart his dream and leave him in the tempest sea.

He warned the president to leave the seat for another person in a video shared via his Facebook page on Monday.

His message below…

In my vision, I saw his Excellency the great president in a big boat surrounded by men and they were sailing with him.

And when they got to the middle of the sea in this vision, there was a tempest and they began to shake.

And the people that were supposed to stand around him were putting on life vest and jumping out to swim away and they left him.

God said I should say to him very strongly, they are so many Judases around you Mr. President.

So many snakes around you, they just want you to fail.

And they are already planning for you to fail. Exposed the cankerworm in the system.

If you ask me, the Judases around you will not allow you fulfill the remaining mandate.

And you may ask, what is the mind of God, please leave 2019 for another person.

God has used his Excellency to do wonderful things in this Nation.

He has come to fulfil his agenda.

Fought corruption the way nobody has fought it.
They will thwart it and leave you in the midst of this boat.

I saw it clearly, if you like say I am a small boy but this is the mind of God.


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