Sani writes a short letter to Buhari over Nigeria’s problem

The Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District in National Assembly, Shehu Sani, wrote a short letter to President Muhammadu Buhari over the problems in Nigeria.

Sani in his letter called on the President to assess his cabinet and replace those that were not fit to serve the nation.

He revealed that the older generation was not the problem of Nigeria but that the younger generation who were timid to act.

How the letter was written on his social media pages reads:

“Dear Baba, Nature has not endowed the Faeces of saints with fragrance. Its time to measure the moral cholesterol of members of your cabinet so as to know those still fit and deserving of a space in your sententious court.

“The problem is not the rabid ambition of the older generation but the timidity, the sterility and the subservience of the new generation.

“In the political currents of your country, if you want to be a player, you will be in the field; If you want to be a commentator, you will be in the glassed studio box.

“When he donates to the poor, they call him a philanthropist; When he asked why the poor are not taken care of, they call him a critic.”


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