See how Majority of Nigerians love Buhari, social media critics are minority – Adesina disclosed

The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi Adesina, has said that majority of Nigerians were solidly behind his oga.

Adesina, however, dismissed rants against Buhari by social media users, calling them “minority”.

He told Thisday that his job as Buhari’s spokesman gives him fulfillment because the president is ” making a difference” in Nigeria.

“For me, it gives me a sense of fulfillment that I’m working with a man that is making a difference in Nigeria,” he also said.

“Everyday, I take the challenges as they come. Don’t mind the vocal minority who have access to social media and traditional media and say all sorts of things.

“They are a vocal minority but the majority of Nigerians are with him, and the polls will show it.”

Adesina narrated that he defends the actions of the Buhari administration because he has an “inside knowledge” of happenings.

“What I’ve noticed is that some people do not like people who can hold their own. When you can hold your own, they say its arrogance. I think it is just that I can hold my own .

“Anything that you come with, I can always defend because I am part of the administration and I have inside knowledge.

“So, if you come with something that is not true, I can always debunk it. If anybody sees that as being arrogant or cocky, I can’t help it But ‘cocky and arrogant’ I don’t think so. I am not.”


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