Really! Duncan Mighty talks on “battering” his lovely wife

Duncan Wene Mighty, a popular Nigerian musician, aka Port Harcourt First Son, has denied reports that he battered his wife.

Just of recent, reports emerged on social media platforms that the Port Harcourt-based singer assaulted his wife.

In his reaction, he noted that some fake people were out to break his marriage, adding that such persons will not succeed.

The artiste, who is do well in the music industry, passed his message via his Instagram.

He wrote on his Instagram: “The next news will be that I use my wife (to make sacrifice) to come back (to the music industry).

“What do you gain in tarnishing my image with lies that I brutalized my own wife?

“My life and journey to get here wasn’t by Duncan Mighty but by God.

“For your information my marriage is not one of those you people broke down and will never be.

“For your information I am the winner of my marriage my wife and kids can’t do without Daddy every moment.

“The more you make people hate me the more they love me.”


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