Chief of Army Staff discloses what army is doing to officers over Borno protest

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, who is the Chief of Army Staff, has stated that an undisclosed number of fifth columnists and indicted officers in the not too long mutiny in Borno State are right now facing a court martial in accordance with the laws setting up the Nigerian Army.

While, talking with Editors in an interactive session in Abuja on Thursday, Buratai narrated that it was unfortunate that offices could disregard an order to move to a particular place knowing that such action would not be tolerated in a disciplined organisation like the Nigerian Army.

“We have been working to ensure that those caught for sabotaging our operations are court martialed and the appropriate actions have been meted on them in line with the rules setting us up.

“We will continue to identify bad eggs and deal with them accordingly. We believe officers should uphold our code of conduct. When anyone is caught sabotaging us, such a person will be dealt with in accordance with the military laws,” he added.

While, on the matter of officers who went on rampage in Borno State over posting, he disclosed, “It is unimaginable that disciplined troop will behave in that way. Those that have been found to be involved have been caught and they would be dealt with in accordance to our own laws.

“They were directed to execute a plan and if, for whatever reason, they refused to do that, they would be dealt with. They were not the only ones that were moved. So, why should their own be different? Out welfare programme has always been comprehensive and that is what it is.”

On what the Army was doing to ensure peace in the North East, Buratai said while relative peace had returned to the region, there still exists pockets of attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents, especially from neighbouring countries.” he noted.


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