Wonderful: EO6: CACOL reacts to Pres Buhari’s travel ban on 50 politicians, tells aggrieved persons what to do

The Centre for Anti Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, has backed the travel ban placed on 50 high profile Nigerians by the president Muhammadu Buhari administration.

President Buhari’s directive is to ensure that the accounts of the 50 politically exposed persons are placed on moratorium while they remain on security watch, pending the full determination of their corruption cases, ongoing or under investigation.

CACOL, in a press release issued to Daily Post by its Coordinator, Media and Publications, Adegboyega Otunuga, said those that have stolen from the country should face the consequences.

The Centre said, “We would recollect that one thing almost every informed Nigerian was very concerned about in the fight against corruption in this country was, clearly absence of adequate and comprehensive laws to handle the menace in such a way that suspected culprits and enablers of this social menace would no longer have a field day with the pilfering of our commonwealth and use the weakness of the subsisting anti-corruption laws to elope from the country where they could easily treat themselves to the same loot they acquired by denying other Nigerians the benefits of a good life.

“The truth is that it is easier to get whoever has purloined the nation’s wealth to be made to account for it and prevent him or her from manipulating the state of such looted funds while domiciled here. The reason is because Governments have had to enter into bilateral arrangements with countries of destination where these loots are kept and even made away with certain percentage before such amounts or individuals could be repatriated. When we view the precarious situation corruption has thrown this nation and its people, we would better appreciate why ‘drastic and precarious situation calls for a measure of drastic steps/ actions.

“For those who insist that such actions of the Muhammadu Buhari’s government are illegal, unacceptable and that it could be a prelude to dictatorship, we hasten to state that most democratic countries of the world have such provisions in their statute books, i.e. USA, Malaysia, etc., and this is why the Buhari’s government approached the Nigerian judiciary at the conception of this Executive Order 6 to secure the required legal muscle for it.

The organization urged persons who think the President’s action was illegal and out of order to contend their matter in court of competent jurisdiction.

CACOL added, “We cannot be seen to be saying capital NO to Corruption on one hand and in another breath be seen to be opposed to necessary measures that could rid our nation or at least, minimize the effects of same ghost haunting us down in another breath. It is in this light that we at CACOL quite agree that for those who are shouting or implying that such anti-corruption instruments could be used to witch-hunt or hound the opposition into inaction, etc., we believe that such could be challenged in courts of competent jurisdiction whenever they do occur.


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