2019 Budget: National Assembly comes under attack as Senators, Reps boo President Buhari

Serious drama yesterday ‘Wednesday’ as Senators have come under attack over the drama which ensued while President Muhammadu Buhari was presenting the 2019 proposed budget before a joint session of the National Assembly.

This very drama of the National Assembly made President Buhari to quickly remind the aggrieved lawmakers that, “The world is watching us and we are supposed to be above this.”

However, many Nigerians took to Twitter to show their resentment.

See some comments by Nigerians on Twitter over the matter:-

@Jummiayusuf” Is this the democracy we fought so hard for? A national assembly that will boo a president is a shame.”

@Domnan_EA “Members of National Assembly booing the president on live TV. Do our lawmakers take this country seriously?

How low can we get?

“I even heard someone’s father shouting “it’s a lie” while the president was still speaking. NASS has failed us.”

@Oladipupo01 “Nigeria’s so called elites are bunch of literate ignorance. National Assembly Members any where in the world are meant to serve as Check and Balances to the Executives but not to be clapping like Primary School Pupils or as a Slave to the Executives. Without the Assembly there.”

@HEOkike “Both the cheering and the booing gang in the National Assembly today were irresponsible. Such a show of shame.

@AJTweete “Once the legislators are in session, anything is expected of them. This afternoon just displayed the many shades of our honourable men of the National Assembly.”

@Omotayoo “I’m ashamed for members of National assembly, why would they take their hatred for Buhari this far knowing well that the world is watching them. One thing I like about the President is his level of maturity, he never allowed their childish act distract him.”

“@Austine_Chimdum “With what happened today at the National Assembly, It’s simply!We don’t want Buhari.”


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