Pastor Kumuyi blows hot, here is what God will do to women wearing trousers

Pastor Williams Kumuyi, who is the general superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, has announced that women who put on trousers are abomination unto God almighty.

Pastor Kumuyi said this while preaching on the topic: “The Inner and Outward Beauty of Kingdom Citizens” at a wonderful service on Monday.

He said, the Bible specifically warned that men should not put on women’s wears neither should women put on men’s wears.

Making his point clear, Kumuyi said, “Everybody will frown, if a preacher come to the pulpit putting on a woman’s wear, as people will think he was abnormal.

“The standard of God will never change. Even if the world will change. God will still frown at any woman wearing men’s wear or men putting on women’s wears.”

He challenged Christians to keep on obeying God’s word rather than the world and not bow to pressures.

The clergy man further stated that the outward beauty that the world seemed to appreciate bred pride and arrogance.

Pastor Kumuyi also stressed that the inner beauty gotten through Salvation in Christ should be coveted by all as such would lead to heaven.” he narrated.


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