Senator Sani reacts as the ruling party, APC claims Alhaji Atiku not a Nigerian

Senator Shehu Sani, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central at the National Assembly, has just reacted to the claim by the ruling All Progressives Congress that the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is not a Nigerian.

The ruling party had yesterday filed a motion at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), hence stated that the former Vice President petition against President Muhammadu Buhari, its own candidate, should be dismissed for lacking in merit.

Shehu Sani said the claims could reignite frosty issues between Nigeria and Cameroun.

Sani tweeted, “The ruling had Be cautious in your politics not to reignite Nigeria Cameroun frosty historical issues, so that they they don’t renew claims to the old Sardauna Province and then we will end up loosing a potion of our northern territory like the Bakassi.”


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