Unbelievable: Citizens of Nigerian react as ‘gorilla swallows N6.8million in Kano State Zoo’

Nigerians from different parts, have reacted to the news of a gorilla allegedly swallowing N6.8million in the Kano Zoological Gardens.

A finance officer in the zoo, was quoted as saying the gorilla “sneaked into their office” and carted away the money, before swallowing it.

“The issue is under investigations for now and I don’t want to say anything on the matter, many journalists have come to meet me but I don’t want to talk anything. What I can confirm is that money is missing,” Kobo disclosed.

The incident is said to have happened during the Sallah celebrations.

Abdullahi Haruna, police spokesman in Kano, is quoted as confirming that 10 persons, including those on duty when the money went missing, have been arrested.

Ever since the news break out it has cost some much reactions on social media.

Some Nigerians reactions on Twitter:-

@U_2 “Hahaha!!! We will soon hear of an elephant swallowing 500 Million naira.”

@Johnsoncollins “Snakes and monkeys have turned to billionaires in Nigeria, while the citizens living in extreme poverty.”

@Jonadoemmanuel “Rats chased President, Snake swallowed money, Monkey swallowed money, now Gorilla don swallow 6.8 million Naira

“Next on the line Grass-cutter Will swallow CBN, Welcome to Zoogeria the Animal kingdom.

@Chitechibrenda “Maybe cows will start entering Central banks and the statement of a dog eating assignment is validated.”

@MurphyDlaw “Are we now in animal kingdom? This time not snake again.”


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