If I have the chance to advise Obasanjo, I will tell him to stop writing letters to Buhari – Gen. Akinrinade said

A former Chief of Defence Staff, General Alani Akinrinade, has advised former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was his former boss to stop the act of writing letters to current Presidents.

Akinrinade revealed this to journalists in Lagos, as he prepares for his 80th birthday which will take place in Ibadan.

The former Army Chief also said that Obasanjo should desist from public letter-writing, in a bid to make a point known.

Akinrinade worked with Obasanjo during the Civil war when the former President was the Commander of the Third Marine Commando.

Akinrinade also said since his boss has unfettered access to those in power, letter-writing may not be a good option.

He said whenever Obasanjo wrote his letters to the President, what came to his mind was how he handled similar matters when he was in the saddle.

He also pointed out that statesmen should consult with those in power and offer constructive criticisms, instead of going to the public.

According to him: “If I have an opportunity to advise him, I will say he should not write letters again.

“Each time he writes letter, the question I ask is: when he was there, how did he do it? He should not write letters again.

“He has access to them and he can give his advice, instead of writing.” he also added.


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