New minimum wage: Pay minimum wage or vacate office – Labour insist

The Organised labour has appealed to state Houses of Assembly to identify with workers by compelling governors to pay the new minimum wage.

Emmanuel Ugboaja, General-Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), made the appeal while fielding questions from journalists on Sunday in Lagos.

Ugboaja said, any governor who refuses to pay the minimum wage should be impeached.

He also noted, that they had the capacity to pay.

“It is criminal to say you cannot pay the new minimum wage.

“Some of these leaders ride in private jet, so they can pay,” NAN quoted Ugboaja as saying.

He said that the Organised labour was in support of the return of the Labour Advisory Council, which would help to mediate between government and workers.

He urged the Federal Government to take action against employers who would not pay the new wage.

However, On Oct. 18, both parties agreed on 23.2 percentage increase for worker on grade level 07 and 20 percent for those on grade level 08, while 19 percent would be received by workers on grade level 09, sixteen percent for those from levels 10 to 14 and 14 percent for grade levels 15 to 17.


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