Bill to eliminate all forms of violence in public, private homes passes second reading in Kogi Assembly

A Bill for a law to provide for the elimination of violence in private and public life, prohibition of all forms of violence against persons, protection of victims and punishment of offenders, and other matters connected therewith has passed second reading in the Kogi State House of Assembly.

The bill was first introduced in the hallowed chamber on 3rd December, 2019 and subsequently read for the first time by the Clerk of the House.

The bill, which is a private member bill was sponsored by the Member Representing Adavi State Constituency Hon. Ibrahim Usman on behalf of the Challenged Parenthood Initiative, CPl, with support from sister Civil Society Organisations in Kogi State.

In his lead debate, Hon. Usman said the purpose of the bill was to eliminate violence in individual private and public lives, prohibit all forms of violence against persons and to provide maximum protection and effective remedies for the victims and punishment to the offenders.

Explaining why the bill should be given an express hearing and passage by the lawmakers in the house, Hon. Usman noted that, violence is a major catastrophe in our society today and that the need to eliminate such tragedy in our lives as well as the need to protect the victim(s) where such violence occurred.

“Violence takes away peace and safety from our homes and the society at large. Physical violence; sexual violence, intimidation, rape, riots, coercing, restraining, grabbing, stalking or cyber stalking are, on the one part, instances of physical attacks against the other or targeted person(s).

“Psychological violence, on the other part, is used by the offenders as a means of instilling fears in the victims through threatening behaviours, such as damaging property, monitoring victim’s activities, et cetera.”


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